Hockey Stick Illusion

By: Montford, A. W.

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You may have heard that the 20th century was the warmest in 1,000 years, or that the 1990s were the warmest decade in at least 600 years. Perhaps you also know that these claims originated in peer-reviewed science, which produced a temperature graph showing a hockey stick shape. These claims are, in fact, bogus. It was obvious from the start that they were at least dubious, because when professor Michael Mann stated that his studies showed that "there was no Medieval Warm Period," the fact of a MWP had already been established, beyond dispute, by direct observations made by the French social historian Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie. Why, then, did Mann's hockey stick persuade so many people? A.W. Montford, an English accountant, does not answer that question - except indirectly, by showing that the people persuaded did not look at it carefully - but he does explain, in detail, why the hockey stick was junk science.

Title: Hockey Stick Illusion

Author Name: Montford, A. W.

Categories: Science, Earth Science,

Publisher: Stacey International Publishers: 2010

ISBN Number: 1906768358

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